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Products & Services

Olds Fertilizers and Sundre Soil Services recognize the major decisions that are being made on the farm and is committed to providing our producers and farming community with the information needed to make informed decisions on all of your crop inputs.

We have a full line of dry fertilizers to cover your N-P-K-S needs as well as a variety of micro nutrients to ensure a healthy crop and maximum yield.


We offer fertilizer delivery services to keep your operation running smoothly along with grain hauling services. We pride ourselves with timely delivery and high quality service.

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Liquid Supplement

Available at our Sundre location - Sundre Soil Services. Sundre Soil Services has been providing this service for 30 plus years. We offer 32% liquid supplement, 2 and 4 wheel lick tans, bale treating, and also have feed lot supplements on request.

Rental Equipment

We have a fleet of fertilizer pull spreaders for the producer that likes to do their fertilizer application and a selection of 3 different sized land rollers available.

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Cereal Seed

We offer a variety of Barley (feed/malt), wheat, and oat seed. The varieties are selected with our growing conditions and producers needs in mind and stored on site for reliable pickup and delivery.

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Grain Marketing

We are able to assist in getting your cereal grains to market.  Our staff can help you get fair dollar for your product and make moving your grains as simple as possible.

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Custom Application

We have a fleet of Agchem TerraGator Fertilizer & Seed applicators and RoGators sprayers that apply a wide range of products from fertilizer and seed to herbicides and fungicides paired with experienced and professional operators to help with your application needs.

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Crop Protection Products

We have you covered from pre-seed to post harvest with our wide selection of seed treatments, herbicides and fungicides. We can ensure you have the best product for your specific needs.

Seed Treating

We have cereal and canola seed treating capability. We offer multiple cereal treating options and a primer for canola that helps with early season stress and improve plants emergence.

Canola Seed

We carry a large variety of canola seed from leading manufacturers. Our staff can help find the correct variety and seed treatments that will work for your operation and growing conditions.

Lawn & Garden

We have a variety of bagged fertilizer options for lawn, garden and trees along with grass seed. We have the products for people who are looking to spruce up their outdoor space.

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Soil Health

With our industry partners we offer multiple soil sampling options both micro and macro nutrients. Aswell as tissue tests for in crop analysis of what your crop might be lacking to reach maximum yield.

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